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The following is an introduction taken from our HSSE Manual.

AV Energy has developed and implemented a Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) that uses ISO 45001:2018 as a framework for our organization to document and improve our operational practices in order to prevent work-related injury, ill health and to help protect the environment at our job sites. Certification and/or compliance with ISO 45001:2018 allows our organization to achieve its intended outcomes and demonstrates that our HSSE Management system is effective. AV Energy management system documents help translate our corporate intentions to prevent incidents into a systematic and ongoing set of processes that are supported by the use of appropriate methods and tools that can reinforce our commitment to proactively improving our performance.

Figure 1 below illustrates our methodology for the development of our HSSE Management System, which uses the plan, do, check, and act cycle to implement the process approach that delivers management system objectives, stakeholder requirements, and worker safety.

Figure 1: Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management System Process Model

This HSSE Management System manual is used to familiarize our workers, customers, interested parties, or individuals with the controls that have been implemented and to assure them that the integrity of our management system is maintained and is focused on meeting its intended outcomes. Our manual also describes the structure and interactions of our HSSE Management System, delineates authorities, interrelationships and responsibilities of personnel who operate within the boundaries of AV Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), whilst providing a reference to the procedures, process, forms and activities that comprise it.

The goals of our HSSE Management System are to provide guidance for the development of a framework where injuries, property damage, environmental harm, and other loss causing incidents are mitigated. The stated goals of our HSSE Management System are:

  1. Development of an HSSE policy;
  2. Demonstration of leadership and commitment to HSSE;
  3. Establishing systematic processes for safety management;
  4. Conducting hazard identification efforts;
  5. Creating HSSE controls;
  6. Increasing awareness and knowledge for employees about HSSE;
  7. Evaluating key performances and developing plans to improve continuously;
  8. Establishing the necessary competencies;
  9. Creating and fostering a positive HSSE culture within our organization;
  10. Ensuring employees participate fully and meaningfully in the HSSE processes;
  11. Meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

The scope of this document describes our HSSE System, delineates authorities, inter-relationships, and responsibilities of process owners and personnel that operate within the management system and the sequence and interaction of our processes.