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Fab Weld & Mechanical


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Fab-Weld Solutions

Our experienced team conduct all engineering calculations providing accurate Engineering designs and Architectural drawings with connection details in 2D and 3D modelling to facilitate implementation by our AWS certified Welders and operatives. Our quality assurance procedures and processes ensure complete project tracking, including material and weld traceability. We adhere to the international guidelines in accordance to metals, namely the American Welding Society ANSI/AWS, ASME AND API welding codes. We also comply with the British standard for welding process and procedures.

Services and Technical Support Offering

  • Structural Welding & Fabrication.
  • Rope Access Welding
  • Mig Welding
  • Tig Welding
  • Flux Core Welding
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Structural Pipe Bridges & Walkways
  • Silo & Tank Fabrication
  • Metering Skids
  • Floating Platforms

Mechanical Joint Integrity Solutions

Our highly experienced personnel are certified to International UK standards, modules HT10, HT18, HT19 (HYDRATIGHT) fully equipped for technical services for onshore and offshore facilities. We conduct our bolting services with Power Packs powered by air for explosive environments or electric motors for construction and workshop sites. Our bolt tensioners supplied by SPX Bolting Systems Ltd (UK) spring retract piston and over stroke eliminator incorporated within our SPX Bolt Tensioners makes them faster and more reliable than other competing brands on the market. Tensioners will not “Blow Out” under pressure thereby eliminating down time in the field. Our Portable flange facing machines available in both OD and ID mount designs. Capable of machining raised face, RTJ grooves and heat exchanger gasket areas. Machining Range covers flanges from 1 ½” to 60” diameters.

Services and Technical Support Offering

  • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
  • Hydraulic Nut Splitting
  • Hydraulic Flange Alignment
  • Hydraulic Flange Spreading
  • Flange Refacing

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Solutions

We offer simultaneously cut and bevel pipe diameters from 2” up to 48” and to 80” on request. We machine any bevel profile required on all types pipe material and match bore or counter bore pipe internal diameters up to 6” deep to match fittings utilizing air or hydraulic powered clamshell lathes. Our Internal mount end prep machine (EP424) which has a machining range from 6” –24” pipe diameter. Our machine is capable of machining any bevel profile from 0-45 degrees on piping up to 6.5” wall thickness on any material. Our machines are also capable of counter boring and flange facing giving a machine shop finish out in the field. The machine can also be mounted on elbows, tees and other pipe fittings.

Services and Technical Support Offering

  • Fabrication & Installation of Process Piping
  • Pipe Cutting
  • Pipe Beveling
  • Pipeline Repair

Inspection and Testing

We provide pressure testing of pipelines and vessels up to 30,000 psi. Our chart recorders supplied on demand up to 30,000 psi, deadweight testers up to 30,000 psi, and hydro testing. Our experienced technicians are qualified for both offshore and onshore operations, trained for offshore facilities (TBOSIET & ISSOW (Bp) and are multi-skilled in the areas of bolting, machining, hydro testing, and plant fitting. In addition, we offer torque calibration and verification. All personnel are certified by TORCUP Inc USA.

We provide non-destructive testing and evaluation services from complex inspections to simple tests producing quality results. Our experienced non-destructive field service technicians utilize the latest equipment, technology, and procedures to perform the necessary inspections.

We provide a range of rope access inspections for various environments and applications. Our multi-disciplined and highly skilled workforce is trained to IRATA standards to skillfully navigate around safely while conducting inspections and maintenance services for offshore and onshore assets. Our team is equipped and experienced to undertake surveys to comprehensive reports, installations, maintenance, and repair works.

We provide all required paint and coating inspection services for marine environments or plant services. Inspection, verification, and reporting are done in accordance with NACE procedures by certified inspectors.

Services and Technical Support Offering

  • Hydro and Pressure Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Torque Calibration
  • Mechanical Joint Integrity Inspection
  • Drill Pipe Inspection
  • Rope Access Inspection
  • National Association for Corrosion Engineering (NACE) Paint and Coating Inspections

Fabric Maintenance

We provide cost-effective fabric maintenance solutions to complement our asset integrity management solutions with a focus on safety and quality. Multi-disciplined operatives are trained in a range of services including surface preparation, blasting and topside maintenance compete with coating services backed by NACE inspections and QHSE procedures. We are able to offer high quality solutions for onshore and offshore facilities with an extensive range of anti-corrosive resistant primers, build up coats and finishes.

Services and Technical Support Offering

  • High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Surface Preparation
  • Industrial and Marine Coatings